MicroVec Software

Microvec offers an easy to use software platform software for hardware control, image acquisition and processing as well as PIV/PTV analysis. It has an intuitive and easy to use. It offers a variety of complex PIV/PTV image measurements and calculations. The software can be used for various research needs such flow, turbulence, microfluidics, particle diagnostics, spray atomization, medical imaging, combustion processes and others. It supports many research requirements and includes dynamic image capture with image enhancements, calibrated measurement, multi-angle shots, storage, and automated batch processing.

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  1. Cross correlation with FFT and IFFT
  2. Sub-pixel precision fitting
  3. Bias vector detection and correction
  4. Multi-grid cross-correlation
  5. Window deformation
  6. Multi-zone data stitching
  7. Particle tracking velocimetry with blob analysis
  8. Temperature and concentration analysis in fluids
  9. Image masking
  10. Multi-core parallel processing
  11. GPU acceleration
  12. Flexible methods for image preprocessing
  13. Blobs advanced analysis, e.g. moments, major axis, minor axis, angular velocity

  1. Supports most advanced high-resolution and high-speed cameras
  2. Support different types of lasers with the synchronization
  3. Flexibility in complex combination of configurations
  4. Support for the latest optical interface high-speed disk array systems
  5. Scalable configuration with portable notebooks and high-end workstations