MicroVec 2D PIV System

Advanced integrated hardware and software system for the most demanding experimental fluid dynamics situations. Used from micrometers to 1 meter testing field or few mm/sec to 7Mach speeds as well as ability to observe flow in flames.

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  • PIV Laser: 2 x 50mJ/15Hz, 2 x 70mJ/15Hz, 2 x 135mJ/15Hz, 2 x 200mJ/15Hz, 2 x 350mH/10Hz, 2 x 500mJ/10Hz, 2 x 1000mJ/10Hz
  • CCD Camera: VGA/260fps, 1MP/169fps, 2MP/83fps, 4MP/42fps, 5MP/16fps, 8MP/21fps, 11MP/34fps, 16MP/7.9fps, 29MP/4.7fps
  • Synchronizer: 7 or 15 Channel TTL Control, 0.25ns Jitter, USB Controlled
  • MicroCap PIV Image Capture Module & MicroVec 2D High Precision PIV Software Package

  • Wind Tunnels
  • Water Tunnels
  • Aerospace and Astronautics
  • Compressors, Turbines, Fans, Pumps, Sprays
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Chemical Mixing Equipment
  • Deformation and Strain Analysis
  • Heat Exchange
  • Boundary Layers

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