Microvec Pte. Ltd. offers complete Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) and Laser Doppler Velocimetry systems. PIV and PTV systems are based on software and accessories from Beijing MicroVec Ltd. and PIVTEC GmbH from Germany. LDV systems come from Measurement Science Enterprise Inc. from Pasadena, California.

For over 13 years MicroVec has been successful in delivering PIV systems to over 160 entities in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia with innovative and patented techniques and increased level of sophistication and complexity, including newest techniques like POD - Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, DMD - Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Tomo PIV. Most of these modules have been implemented by leading researchers from PIV field from USA, Australia and China.

PIVTEC has been founded more than 10 years ago as an outsourcing company of DLR (German Aerospace Center). PIVTEC has specialized mainly on PIV evaluation software (PIVview) and seeding generators required for PIV measurements in air flows. Our today’s products are based to a great extent on the experience gained at applications by DLR in the most various fields in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics The quality of our products has been proven in many national, international research and industrial projects in low speed and high speed flows even in harsh environments.

MSE designs and manufactures miniature sensors for flow speed, wall shear, and particle size measurements based on exclusive technology originally developed at the California Institute of Technology. They specialize in LDV sensors and other, more specialized sensors, which are rugged, easy to use, and require a minimal amount of user setup time.

PIV and PTV systems are integrated with world leading double pulse PIV lasers from Litron, UK , Quantel, France, and Beamtech Optronics, China, as well as with high-speed CMOS cameras from Fastec Imaging, USA and high resolution CCD cameras with double frame exposure mode from Imperx, USA. The systems use frame grabbers from Epix, USA for image acquisition from various cameras. Vision Asia - located in high tech centre – Singapore – has partnered with all these companies to bring the best solutions to the international market. Our PIV, PTV and LDV systems offer unprecedented and extraordinarily powerful solutions to be used by researchers from all over the world at the affordable prices not seen before in the commercial applications.